Our Partners

Team Simplexity, it is one big family. We support those who support us. Our mission is simple. To bring all enthusiasts together. So here are a list of our partners & sponsors that have played a major part into making Simplexity what it is today! Most of the Business' listed on this page have been kind enough to offer Simplexity's members discounts, or other incentives. Thank you for helping create a more respectful and inclusive car community. - J.E  


Detour Sunglasses: www.detoursunglasses.com

Midnight Window Tint: www.midnightwindowtinting.com

Led All The Things: www.ledallthethings.com

West Coast Chill: www.westcoastchill.com

Rovos Wheels: www.rovoswheels.com

Tire Stickers: www.tirestickers.com

Hunt Styling: www.huntstyling.com

D.I.P. Shop (Direct Import Parts Shop): www.dipshop509.com

Purple Drank Tuning (PDT): www.pd-tuning.com

Suspension Spot: www.suspensionspot.com


Simplexity is always looking to provide the car community and its members incentives. With that said, if you are interested in working with us. Shoot us a message on IG, or FB. Thank you!